Walchin Water Solutions Technology Co., Ltd. Be a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis membranes. The company has an internationally advanced fully automatic production line of reverse osmosis membranes, as well as an independent and complete R&D team and laboratory. Our reverse osmosis membranes are widely used in industrial and commercial fields. 

  Companies, communities, and homes around the world choose Walchin Water Solutions to help make water safer and more accessible. Industries and markets count on us to become more efficient; to make food more nutritious, and to offer more effective pharmaceuticals. Our innovation and collaboration with the world’s best water experts enable ecosystems of innovation to deploy vital technologies in new, market-shaping ways.  


  With a global network of accessible knowledge and a market-leading portfolio of purification and separation technologies, we enable the water productivity from which health, profits, and possibilities spring. In a world of increasing water scarcity, we provide a proven path that balances resource productivity and responsibility.